How much will this cost?
The Library was awarded a Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners capital grant of $7.3M to offset the costs of the $19.6M project. The grant pays for 37% of the total project costs. The Seekonk Library Trust has pledged to raise $1,000,000 to further offset costs. The public will be asked to approve $12,277,145 in public funding—this amounts to an average of $101.87 per year—or $1.96 a week, less than a cup of coffee!

The full amount of the bond will be considered at the Town Meeting and the subsequent ballot vote. However, once the state grant and capital campaign is accounted for, the final town responsibility will be $12,277,145.

Estimates for just renovating the building–a band-aid approach–will be at least $2.2M. As we all know, once repairs and renovations begin, other problems will no doubt surface driving up these costs.