The present 14,880 square foot building is in need of major repairs and renovations.
The photos above are just the tip of the iceberg of building needs at the Seekonk Public Library.

The structural issues at the Library underscore the need for a new building as do the programming space constraints the Library has been grappling with for years.

  • The building’s HVAC system is well beyond its years of expected use and has been patched together over the years to accommodate increased need
  • Because of the Library’s unstable foundation, the outside shingles have splintered, windows and doors have shifted leading to leaks and roof-based drainage problems
  • Lack of space to facilitate quiet conversations between staff and patrons
  • Crowded stacks and seating that make patron access to collections difficult
  • Not enough space for the Library’s 82,000 item collection to be available for browsing and borrowing
  • One meeting room/programming space with a legal limit of 100 people for the over 320 library programs offered yearly and the more than 200 community group meetings held–we look forward to hosting these groups and programs again post-pandemic
  • A Children’s Room that does not accommodate story time or other children’s programming
  • No Teen Space for collections or programming
  • No quiet or group study space
  • Lack of space to introduce new technology
  • The Library’s two restrooms are overused and don’t meet the needs of parents and caregivers
  • The Library does not reflect standards for accessibility and providing the differently-abled with the library experience they deserve